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Thank you so much for all the information you’ve been bringing us.  It is currently 2:15am where I live and my alarm will start going off in just over 4 hours.  If you have any more information you’d like to share tonight, could you please post your ask with Line maksylmyheart?  She is in the middle of her day where she lives.  Thanks again so much!!

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Airport information - Did Maks stay with Meryl?


So LAX is a huge airport. It has 9 terminal, 8 and then Tom Bradley.

Meryl flew out with Delta. Delta has a terminal all to their own. That is Terminal 5.

Maks flew out with either

Virgin America, Terminal 3 at 11:30Pm

American, Terminal 4 at 11:30PM

United, Terminal 6 at 11:59PM

So question is, did he fly out or did he stay with Meryl?

I honestly think he flew out last night.

Anonymous asked:

I agree with the previous anon. A mixture of business, with please as well. It's just too telling that the very first person Meryl has a celebratory dinner with after winning such an award, was Maks, and then later with the family.

Anonymous asked:

Meryl has said that she has upcoming projects that she doesn't want to jinx, and she is now taking hosting classes, and has been spending more and more time in LA? I can't handle all the suspense!

This ship is literally nothing but suspense!!  Just think of it as so many awesome things to look forward to. :)

Anonymous asked:

Meryl definitely mixed a little pleasure into what now appears to have been a business trip! At least she got to see Maks for dinner and spent the day at VandJ's rehearsal. I'll take a day and half over nothing! Sail on!

There’s always a mix of business and pleasure with these two.  But make no mistake, “Meryl is in here visiting my brother at the moment”.  That’s wassup.


New info from an anon about the hosting event




this is the link to the hosting event chachapix was at over the weekend. I wonder if this means Meryl took this class?   

Very interesting.

Yep she did. It was a workshop with a hosting coach. I just verified it with Courtney aka Cha Cha

Ooh, thanks maksmeryl18!


Anonymous asked:

She said it was a hosting "thing" (rather than "gig"), and it looks like she attended a hosting bootcamp / workshop all weekend. She was definitely there on the 19th. Maybe Meryl had signed up for coaching as well.

maksylmyheart answered:

Hm, interesting.

I would love for Meryl to be a host, prefrably on TV so we can see her.



Her and Maks will host together l😂👏❤️👌

Love that idea even more